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Finding The Causes

We commonly hear about toxins, inflammation and an unhealthy lifestyle causing damage to tissues, thus disease. Dr. S A Rogers, a Syracuse, NY physician for more than 40 years, explains1 “diseases have reached an epidemic proportion with new labels continuously emerging, mainly managed with medications, and surgery as a last result. Most medications merely poison an abnormally functioning pathway, thereby terminating symptoms”. Therefore simply popping a pill is not the best way to solve a problem; we need to do our part in finding the cause.  Is it the air we breathe, medication or chemicals? Or heavy metals, infections, too much stress, a sedentary lifestyle, and occupational hazards? All are critical and all contribute to the cause. Research has shown that at least 95% of cancers and  other diseases have two primary causes – diet and environment.1,2

Dietary toxins quietly cause disease so even eating small amounts every day add up to a large issue! These toxins are mainly in processed foods, with the biggest offenders being sugar, processed soy, and cheap oils – mostly from convenience foods. These are foods that can be eaten on the run. We are constantly bombarded with ads and commercials for fast foods and beverages – all containing preservatives and sugars that are harmful to good health. Though you may feel that it is impossible to eliminate all of these from your diet completely, start by limiting them. Instead of flavored coffees, soda or a smoothie, drink plenty of water. And try to avoid pastries, crackers, muffins and most bread as they all are unhealthy choices. Try single-ingredient foods to maximize your potential for future health.

There are so many environmental toxins that we have no control over, that changing what we eat now is something we can control and is a great starting point!

We are all pressed for time but eating healthy foods can be convenient. A small package of almonds and an apple can be in your car, your desk, in your purse or workbag. Have a breakfast that is both convenient and healthy – a couple hard-boiled eggs that you’ve made for the week and a different piece of fruit every day. Prepare food in bulk on the weekends and store in Tupperware for the workweek. Whatever you’ve had for dinner can be tomorrow’s lunch as well.  Ask yourself what your healthy food preferences are and enjoy eating them every day! If eliminating these disease-causing toxins from our diet will reduce our risk of becoming ill, we will ultimately enjoy a longer and better quality of life!


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