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I Felt Like Death

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I Felt Like Death


I was going to the doctors over and over and over again for almost a year and was always being told nothing was wrong with me…everybody thought I was nuts…  I started feeling like I was crazy…”

Denise’s experience isn’t unique; we’ve all gone through this to some degree, and we know how the story goes: you go to the doctor, urgent care, or hospital with a symptom and are told it’s ‘nothing,’ or that it’s all in your head because the tests are coming back ‘normal.’ But when Denise came in to see me in the clinic, she was definitely not OK and the tests we did only confirmed that she needed help!

“I came in very sick with dark circles under my eyes, extremely weak … I just felt like death.” 

After testing Denise using energy signatures, I was able to find the bugs affecting her brain that were causing issues like cognitive impairment, eye sensitivity, ear pain, stiffness, joint pain, hot flashes, just to name a few. 

“I can’t even tell you… in just a month I’m a new person.”

Once we began our aggressive treatment plan, Denise was able to see results in just one short month! We took a holistic approach that involved modifications in her lifestyle and diet, and paired that with proper supplementation to help heal the very foundation of her health.

In this short clip, Denise walks us through her entire experience and describes how she felt before and after coming to see us at the clinic! If you’re experiencing similar symptoms or feel like no one’s listening, then you need to hear what Denise has to say and how she finally got her life and her body back! Please

Denise is just one example out of thousands; if this sounds like you or someone you know then check out our website to learn more about the long list of health concerns we help to correct, and how we can treat them once and for all! Skip the trial and error process with your health and visit us at www.jackkunkel.com


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