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Is low employee productivity costing your company money? I bet it is….

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Is low employee productivity costing your company money? I bet it is….

It’s Friday morning and, as usual, the office energy is low. Prior to settling in, you check in with William. William, age 30, explains that he could barely get out of bed this morning after going to happy hour yesterday. He consumed extra coffee and had a bowl of sugar – I mean breakfast cereal – to muster the energy. It’s noon, and his productivity has been nearly nonexistent. Desperate for energy, he hits the drive-through, ordering mainly sugar in the form of a bagel and flavored coffee. Once back at the office, he has a half hour of energy, but by 2 o’clock, he can’t keep his eyes open. 

*Did you know that 75% of healthcare costs are incurred by preventable diseases? Cardiovascular disease, cancer, and diabetes are the three major causes of rising health care plans and are all preventable.*

Susan, age 50, works two jobs and is sedentary at both. She is always tired and takes cigarette breaks every thirty minutes. Her busy lifestyle does not give her much time to exercise or eat healthily. Every year, she is hospitalized with pneumonia, is now on seven medications, has no energy, and has gained over thirty pounds in two years. 

Joe, age 60, has gained five pounds a year for the last ten. He now has type II diabetes, five stents, and erectile dysfunction. At his last doctor’s appointment, he was classified as obese, placed on cholesterol medication, and was prescribed an increased dosage of his blood pressure and diabetes medications. Now, he can barely make it to the break room without getting out of breath.

In the United States, more than 35% of adults and 17% of children are considered obese. Obesity is the second leading cause of preventable death in America increasing risk of over twenty major diseases. The pandemic of obesity is decreasing productivity in the workforce estimates reveal overweight workers in the United States account for 450 million days of missed work compared to their healthy peers. This missed time results in roughly 153 billion in lost productivity.

Jack and his team have spent decades educating thousands on weight loss solutions, learning how to increase productivity, reduce absenteeism, and increase employee engagement, all leading to lowering healthcare costs. Together, they have developed a system created to target the masses all while addressing individual needs. Their corporate training challenges helps to engrain positive habits through a carefully curated accountability and reward system. 

How it works:

Step 1 – evaluate the needs of your business;
Step 2 – set up individualized workshops based on highest needs; 
Step 3 – create a customized corporate training challenge.

Why Jack?
Jack excels at motivational speaking. He is an author, a nutritionist and a professional athlete with a master’s degree in clinical nutrition. He is a teacher of corporate wellness at Utica College and a health coach. Jack has been featured in national magazines, podcasts, and popular fitness websites. Jack’s own health issues put him on a quest to heal himself and others. With twenty-five years of experience and a passion for wellness, he can provide your company with an unforgettable experience. We would love the here from you!!

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