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Meal Timing

There have been several studies published regarding the art of meal timing. However, the truth is, no matter when you eat food, your meals must be digested and absorbed by the body. Timing enters into the equation as to whether the food will be burned as energy, stored as energy in fat cells, converted to muscle, or transported to the liver for the production of glycogen. Therefore: 

If you’re eating the majority of your calories before bed, it’s going to be stored as fat!

A current trend in research has pointed to the fact that eating breakfast has several benefits, including: enhanced cognition, lowered total intake of calories throughout the day, stopping “hunger chasing,” and the prevention of obesity relapse1. For all of you non breakfast eaters “I’m not hungry in the morning,” “I get sick to my stomach” this could indicate that you are still digesting your food from eating too late. If this describes you, start by eating a small breakfast and a larger lunch with two snacks, then finishing your day by eating a smaller dinner earlier. This protocol will help you not to overeat at night and having an appetite upon arising.

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