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My Talk at the American Heart Association Wellness Symposium

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My Talk at the American Heart Association Wellness Symposium

The kind people at the American Heart Association invited me to talk at their first ever Fit-Friendly Worksite Wellness Symposium. I was flattered by the invite, and ecstatic to share my passion with such a large crowd!

“Employees need to know that they have the power to change,” Kunkel said, “and that change is the only option.”

My talk covered how motivation and education is the way to help people change their bodies permanently, no matter what stage of behavior they’re in.

These are some of the DON’TS that corporations hold to in their wellness programs:

Getting an email from your company isn’t going to motivate you.

Corporate weight-loss challenges work for the short term but don’t create lasting results. Participating in these challenges can actually hinder your long term weight-loss by inadvertently lowering your metabolism, permanently. And they don’t offer the education you need to stay fit for life.

The message is: Don’t diet. Learn how to eat healthy, and with those healthy eating and lifestyle habits comes permanent weight loss.

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Here’s the last slide of my presentation. This is the code that I live by. Hopefully it can inspire you too!

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