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New Takes on Healthy Habits


New Takes on Healthy Habits

It’s important to maintain a healthy routine with strategies that can be incorporated into your daily schedule, especially when every day seems busier than the one before. There are plenty of strategies that’ll keep you looking and feeling good, though some may be unfamiliar. With that in mind, consider the benefits of these slightly different takes on familiar practices.

Responsible healthcare

Being responsible for your healthcare is essential to your well-being, especially for seniors. If you’re enrolled in Medicare, make sure you’re getting the most out of your coverage, which everyone should do, no matter your age or what kind of insurance plan you have. Medicare plans change all the time, so pay close attention to your policy. If you need to alter your insurance, be aware that some Medicare Advantage plans (like those from Humana) offer dental and vision coverage and provide access to workout facilities.

Oral health

Oral health is closely tied to other aspects of your well-being, including your gut and cardiovascular system. Poor dental care can also have a negative effect on your appearance, which can hold you back socially and professionally. Don’t skip those dental checkups, and take your treatment needs seriously. If you avoid visiting the dentist because it’s too expensive or too far away, look for an affordable dental practice nearby.

Skip the shower

For many people, a nice hot shower first thing in the morning is a psychological touchstone, a healthy habit that gets your day off on the right foot. But showering every day may not be all it’s cracked up to be. There’s evidence that showering every day washes away natural oils and bacteria that keep skin and hair in good shape. It also dries out the scalp and can generate excess hair oil, so consider showering just every other day.

Set aside some time for yourself

Giving yourself to everyone all the time will exhaust you in no time flat. As such, it’s important to set aside some time so you can do some relaxing things that bring you joy. For example, if you occasionally enjoy heading out for a spa day, bring that kind of pampering home so you can enjoy its benefits in familiar surroundings. In addition to relaxing to some soothing music and enjoying some tea, you can treat yourself to a little skincare and perhaps a hot rock massage. Regardless of what you choose, make sure it brings you a little peace and serenity.

Running on empty

Research suggests that an early-morning workout before breakfast can speed up weight loss. The body taps into its fat reserves for energy, so you really don’t need to eat a full breakfast before your morning workout. It’s a good way to lose weight and stay in shape. Plus, a morning workout is good for your internal clock. A recent study has shown that people who work out within 2 hours of waking up tend to be thinner and more successful at keeping the weight off.

Coffee and cortisol

Your body produces the hormone cortisol, which peaks in most people before 9 am. Cortisol helps wake you up and keeps you alert and prepared for the challenges of the day. If the first thing you do in the morning is reach for that cup of joe, you’re negating much of the good that cortisol does for you in the morning. Try waiting a bit later in the morning for that first cup, or switch to decaf. That way, your body can “caffeinate” you the natural way.

Rethink breakfast

Breakfast should include protein, healthy fats and fiber, which are all key components of any healthy meal. Pancakes, muffins, and bagels load you down with carbohydrates and refined sugar, so rethink breakfast by emphasizing eggs, Greek yogurt, berries, and nuts. You’ll get the energy your body needs to make it through the day with foods that are good for your digestive system and microbiome. Ideally, you should be getting vitamins and minerals from food, not pills, so put your multivitamins away, and focus on maintaining a healthy, balanced diet. Besides, there’s very little clear evidence that vitamin supplements are as beneficial as many believe. 

There are many ways to incorporate healthy habits into our daily routine. Sometimes, it’s necessary to rethink assumptions about practices we’ve always believed were good for us. The results can give you a valuable new perspective on your daily routine.

The article was written by Jennifer McGregor co-created Public Health Library https://publichealthlibrary.org/ 

Image courtesy of Pixabay


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