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Nine Tips For A Guilt Free Holiday

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Nine Tips For A Guilt Free Holiday

This holiday season, don’t let the guilt of holiday eating stress you out. It is possible to enjoy the holiday festivities without packing on the holiday pounds. Here are 9 tips to help.

1. While attending holiday gatherings, distance yourself from the food table. Mindless snacking adds up!

2. Drink 12 oz. of water 20 minutes prior to a meal to help curb appetite. 

3. Watch the cocktails! Alcohol can lower inhibitions, causing you to eat more. 

4. Eat slowly and chew food properly. It takes your brain 20 minutes to know you are full. Practicing mindful eating leads to lower calorie consumption. 

5. Try to avoid the breads, breaded items, mashed potatoes, pasta, and loaded rice that accompany most meals. These types of refined carbohydrates are easily stored as fat by the body. Try switching out refined carbs with healthy veggies.

6. Having salad? Have your dressing on the side so that you can control how much is added to your food. Try dunking your fork in the dressing to coat it with sauce before picking up any veggies in your salad.

7. Try to fill your plate with mostly vegetables and a small amount of lean protein. When you can, ensure that your food is cooked in healthy fats like grass fed butter or coconut oil. 

8. Don’t sit! Get up and socialize when out at holiday gatherings. Or, dance to burn some extra calories!

9. Don’t skip meals before a party or holiday shopping. Skipping meals causes nutrient deficiencies. This leads to “hunger chasing” which causes overeating. 

Use these tips to empower yourself while enjoying your holiday!


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