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Quality Foods for a Healthy Metabolism

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Quality Foods for a Healthy Metabolism

The first rule regarding nutrition is to avoid bad food, including processed foods often labeled as “food-like products.” These old and altered foods of poor quality cause your healthy metabolism to downgrade, making it more challenging to recover and repair. Therefore, choosing quality foods that give your body the energy and nutrients it needs to maintain health is crucial.

One of the alarming facts about “food-like products” is that they could have been genetically modified organisms (GMO) that are deemed safe to consume by food “experts.” However, many experts believe that GMO foods pose serious health risks. The long-term effects of GMOs have yet to be determined, so it’s essential to avoid them and opt for natural and unprocessed foods. Every bite of food you eat transfers energy and information into your body. Therefore, choosing quality foods will provide quality energy, orchestrating a healthy molecular message to every cell in your body. This will provide the tools for many health benefits, such as fat loss, increased strength, and more energy!

In addition to choosing quality foods, paying attention to how the food is produced is crucial. For example, factory-farmed animals are often fed the incorrect types of food, such as genetically modified corn and processed soy, both of which cause inflammation. These animals are also pumped with hormones to accelerate growth and drink water polluted with antibiotics that harm their gut microbiome. As a result, they become weak and ill, which is transferred to humans who consume their meat.

In conclusion, your food choices are vital to your metabolic health. Avoid “food-like products,” GMOs, and factory-farmed animals, and opt for natural and unprocessed fresh and high-quality foods. Doing so will give your body the energy and nutrients it needs to sustain health and experience many health benefits. Remember, every piece of food you put in your mouth is energy and information transferred into your body, so choose wisely!


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