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The Five Key Elements For Total Wellness

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The Five Key Elements For Total Wellness

Few people really connect the points that the progression of most diseases, including obesity, can actually be halted or that many conditions can be reversed by lowering pathogens in our body, proper diet, and lifestyle changes or also known as wellness.

Proper wellness practices can reduce the degree of poor health that most people have to endure at the end of their lives, improve quality of life, extend independence, and reduce time spent in hospitals or otherwise receiving medical treatment. 

Even with these benefits to reap even before you reach your twilight years, it is sometimes still a struggle to invest in yourself. Alternative medicine provides a clear path to living a high-quality active life until the end. We should all want to live a happy life, right? Not suffering from degenerative disease or having to go to doctors’ offices to undergo horrible treatments.

We all have genetic differences that affect our health, but our health habits and lowering pathogens outweigh genetics. Habits such as diet and lifestyle choices, whether those choices are good or bad, and finding out what pathogens are present and nutritional deficiencies will determine which genetic expression reacts. The option is yours; how do you want to live your life?

What Is Wellness?

Wellness. What does it mean, really? 

The easiest way that I can explain wellness to you is by showing you my “Wellness Wheel” diagram. I call this a wellness “wheel” because if there are any imperfections in the perfectly circular shape while it’s rolling, there are going to be problems. You try driving on a tire with a patch missing and see what happens!

No one point is further away from the center compared to another, meaning that each point is just as important as the last. So when you think of wellness, think of it being the center of your circle, and everything around it is what’s protecting it, just as the rubber on your tires protects the rims that spin the axels of your car.

As you can see, there are five MAIN aspects when it comes to wellness: 

  • Nutrition – quality foods, portion control, meal timing.
  • Lifestyle – sleep hygiene, stress management, social interactions.
  • Exercise – physical activities, daily movement.
  • Mindset – thoughts, willpower, meditation, motivation.
  • Clear Toxins and Pathogens- get tested to determine which are affecting you!

*Physical hobbies; these are less-intense hobbies like gardening, fishing, light yard work, etc.

Like I said before, when we look at wellness, each aspect of this wellness wheel remains equally important. For example, if you eat correctly but are stressed every day, your results can actually be negated. 

If you are breathing in mold unknowingly and have your wellness dialed in, your results will be negated, and your health plumate. 

If you are exercising six days a week but eating junk food all day and night, you won’t see the results you are expecting. 

 If you have undiagnosed Lyme disease, your energy and motivation will be decreased.

Sort Through The Contradictions

It can be challenging to know how best to achieve health and wellness because many companies use aggressive marketing tactics, making it difficult for the public to separate fact from fiction. As a result, it’s difficult even for scientists using the best tools available to discover the truth about good health, and in fact, there are often contradictory findings! 

As an example, let’s take the “findings” on eggs and their correlation with health. This week it could be that you should be eating eggs every day, and the following week new findings will tell you that the cholesterol in eggs causes heart disease (which is false), and you should stop eating them. What the media doesn’t tell you is what is most important: the quality of eggs that you eat is really what matters. For example, free-range eggs have five times more anti-inflammatory fat than conventional eggs. Both are called “eggs,” but they affect your body drastically differently in reality.

Do What You Are Capable Of!

It’s definitely not going to be easy, but as you practice each of these aspects every day, you are going to get better and better at them until you become your own master of true wellness. Even if that means taking small steps toward mastering these skills, you will achieve lasting results in time.

Health and wellness are no different because it’s something that you must practice for a long time, and you might not ever master it completely. Just remember that showing up every day is the key. As Aristotle said over a thousand years ago, “We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.” So do something to contribute to your health and wellness day after day and then year after year. You will achieve excellence in what you have set out to do!

There are so many factors to keep in mind when it comes to wellness. For example, I see patients daily who eat perfectly and still do not feel well, but why is that? Common issues include chemical or environmental toxins, heavy metals, radiation, parasites, Lyme, mold and mycotoxins, bacteria, and viruses. Once I determine any underlining issues, I can provide you with specific and highly tailored approaches for your total wellness!

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