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This Bio Hack is a Game Changer

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This Bio Hack is a Game Changer
“Challenges are what make life interesting and overcoming them is what makes life meaningful.”Joshua J Marine

 Cold Thermogenesis

The published research is endless on cold thermogenesis, but the main reasons for choosing it are weight loss, reduced stress, hormesis and increased mental override.

Hormesis is a fundamental concept in evolutionary theory. “Think of hormesis as your body hedging a bet and going a little above and beyond just to be safe. You don’t just compensate for the stressor, you super compensate. You get stronger – faster – healthier – more resistance to challenges than you were before”- Mark Sisson

Next is mental override, it is the ability to overcome your thoughts and urges to take control of your body and make difficult decisions. To achieve positive health daily habits that need to be executed. Practicing cold thermogenesis provides you more mental override. This is a skill the more you practice the better it works.

Instruction begins with breathwork, before you begin it is critical to practice lying down or in a secure chair around others. This type of breathing can cause a syncopal episode. Begin by inhaling through your nose or mouth into the belly with deep and powerful inhalation then exhale without any additional effort. Perform this breathing at a steady pace twenty times and proceed by holding the last breath for a duration that is comfortable for you. The goal is to feel slight lightheadedness and a tingling sensation in your extremities. That is a sign of hyperoxygenation. As you become more comfortable with this practice, increase the number of breaths taken to a maximum of fifty then holding the last breath. Once you have mastered this type of breathing it should be performed directly before the cold water is turned on. When you shower, begin with taking a warm shower and after you have washed turn the shower as cold as it can be. Begin with letting the water hit your feet for ten seconds, then your head for five seconds.  For day two allow the water to pour up and down the entire front of your body for twenty seconds; day three for forty seconds, this time letting the water go up and down both sides of the body. Each day add five seconds until two minutes is achieved of cold water all over your body. Note your forehead and chest have the most significant amount of cold receptors.

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