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Every time science thinks they have it all figured out, Mother Nature puts a twist into what people think they know. How many times do pharmaceuticals and supplements get taken off the market? How often do our food recommendations keep changing? This is just plain old confusing, and at times, pretty unethical! Now, you should know that food gives you energy, vitamins and minerals (to be vague), but there’s way more to the story, which science may never fully understand.


On March1, 1905, a 26 year-old patent clerk named Albert Einstein proved that everything is made up of energy through his theory of relativity, E=mc2. Everything in the universe is made up of energy, including every cell and every atom in your body. This also includes all of the food that you are choosing to consume! Therefore, choosing quality foods that provide you with good energy will increase both your health and metabolism for the long-run.

What gives you the energy to heal yourself? Perform physical activity? Fight disease? Food. Your body breaks down every piece of food that you eat and makes it a part of you! If you eat something that is alive like a salad, it’s a “live food,” which creates health and life from within; increasing your metabolism and accelerating fat-loss. What happens if you eat a processed “food-like product” like a bag of chips? Well, it’s lifeless because of its poor quality, old age, and exposure to heat and oxygen! You should know that lifeless, processed foods impede healing and actually damage your body.

*Lifeless – devoid of any living energy and nutrients. Think of a can of tuna that is 2 years old compared to fresh tuna that’s two days old.


When we refer to some foods as “food-like products” it’s because they’re processed to a point where many experts believe that they technically shouldn’t be classified as food anymore. In all honesty when you break it down, these “food-like products” really are old and/or altered foods with poor quality that cause your healthy metabolism to downgrade at a rapid rate! This just makes it so much harder to recover and repair your metabolism, but it’s definitely still possible.


When you concentrate on quality, every piece of food you put in your mouth is energy and information transferred into your body. Choosing quality foods will provide you with quality energy, orchestrating a healthy molecular message to every cell in your body, providing the tools for a plethora of health benefits such as fat loss, increased strength and more energy!

When choosing your food, think “real” or “unprocessed” foods, whether they are fresh or frozen, and always ask yourself how old it is. The older the food, the less nutrients it has. Therefore, you should always opt for locally grown and raised foods, which are best. Frozen food can, in fact, be flash frozen immediately when it’s ready to be harvested. So believe it or not, this means that some frozen foods can actually be “fresher” than fresh food, but make sure it’s quality food. You can tell if the frozen produce is high quality by searching for the USDA Organic stamp on the package.


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