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Why Fad Diets Don't Work

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Why Fad Diets Don't Work

Fad diets do not work. Even though so many advertisements and commercials guarantee amazing results, the truth is that the vast majority of the population will never come close to seeing the changes these commercials describe.

I make my living through weight loss, and the truth of the matter is the industry as a whole has a 95% failure rate! In fact, these diets actually set you up for failure, permanently. Why do you think fad diets are a multibillion-dollar industry? If these diets actually worked, how could companies continue to sell their product? It’s a reminder that fad diets kill your metabolism. Metabolism is the key that allows your body to burn fat permanently by converting calories into the energy that your cells absorb.

My goal is to build your metabolism into a fat-burning machine.

Fad diets knock your metabolism sideways, promoting minimal caloric nutrition that throws your body into survival mode. This makes your body actually store fat.

Muscle is the number one driver of your metabolism, and fad diets actually cause a decrease in muscle! Furthermore, fad diets cause a marked decrease in fat-burning hormones (like T4). They also lower your thyroid hormone conversion rates. T4 floats around your bloodstream and converts to T3 mainly in your liver. T3 is five times more metabolically active, and fad diets stop this conversion.

Other affected hormones are Leptin, Cholecystokinin (CCK), & Peptide YY. Paradoxically, these diets cause an increase in Ghrelin (the hunger hormone)! This combination of muscle loss and hormone imbalance results in lowered metabolism and extremely hungry!

This is how weight loss companies make their money.

Since we’re all different, we all need our own unique wellness/nutrition plans. Stay away from these fad diets, and do not give in to the commercialism that surrounds them. Learn the importance of nutrition, proper lifestyle, and healthy eating.

Ask yourself this simple question before you start a fad diet: Am I really willing to eat like this forever? If the answer’s no, don’t start the diet. When it comes to dieting, ask yourself instead: What am I capable of doing every day? Start with a reasonable goal, push yourself a little further every day, and soon you will achieve your dreams.

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