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Change Your Brain Today

Do you have the ability to be happy? Can you literally change the brain? You sure can, your brain is built on beliefs. Beliefs are connections in the brain made through life experiences when you change these beliefs in the brain, you can have whatever we want, because the brain is a goal-achieving machine, what you believe will come true in our life! Don’t miss out on this life-changing video!
Begin by journaling down your negative thoughts that are occurring for an entire day. Once this list is complete, write down which one has occurred most frequently and anything that may have triggered the most frequently occurring negative thought. Next, replacing each of the negative thoughts with positive ones by crossing out the negative thought and replacing them with positive thoughts.
Next, close your eyes and visualize when and what triggered your most frequently occurring thought. Image yourself back in that situation, make it as real as possible, what was the setting like, can you see it, make it in color, see yourself in the room, is there a smell or sound associated with it? Make this memory as real as possible. As soon as all of the details are in place, visualize placing the experience in a box and closing the top. Now, recreate a positive new experience.
Like anything, this takes practice. Do not expect to do this once and change the beliefs that you have held for years. The important thing is for you to become aware of negative thoughts or beliefs and quickly change them. Each time you do this, it is important to reflect on a job well done. Try telling yourself “good job!” In doing this, you increase a happy hormone in your body.
Finally, anytime you have a negative thought occur quickly replace it with a positive one and always express to yourself good job!


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