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CNY's Second Annual Biggest Weight Loss Challenge

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CNY's Second Annual Biggest Weight Loss Challenge

Are you sick of looking for a new “diet” to try? Do you want something that’s different? Something that will give you permanent results? Join CNY’s Biggest Weight Loss Challenge and reach the goals you have been dreaming of for years!

Last year, we were able to gain over 100 participants where teams fought to achieve fat loss, sweat their butts off at the gym and ate clean like nobody has ever seen before. The results were not only great, but phenomenal.

This year, we are looking to make the challenge bigger, better and badder, with the use of our brand new revolutionary technology through JackKunkel.com. Gain an 8-week systematic approach to weight loss which will be led by Jack T. Kunkel M.S. Clinical Nutrition, and his team of professionals including physicians, personal trainers, and a psychologist. Through this technology, each participant will receive their own personal profile where they can watch videos, download nutrition guides, learn new workouts and much more!

Due to this technology, we have been able to drastically reduce the price of the challenge. Last year the cost was $175 this year we are able to offer you the challenge for only $99!

The challenge is going to revolve around increasing your metabolism, which will lead to a gain in lean muscle tissue, increased strength, and best of all, fat loss! We have created an easy to use social media platform where participants can interact with each other in their own private online community.

Throughout the challenge, you are going to be asked to complete Wellness Goals. These goals are going to focus on a different aspect of health each time, whether it is nutrition, grocery store guides, positioning fat loss, or one of the many others!

When you complete the goal, you can either post your task as public (other challengers will see what you post on the social media platform) or private (you and challenge admins only will see your post) to gain what’s called Wellness Points. The percentage of body weight lost will be worth the most Wellness Points. The team with the most Wellness Points wins the challenge!

The information we are going to give you can be used in a fitness center of your choice, or some of them are also at-home friendly. Teams are going to be made up of 3-5 people, but if you do not have one in mind, we can assign one for you.

Cash Prizes will be awarded to the top-three teams!

The First Place Team: $1,000 Second Place Team: $500 Third Place Team: $250

No more yo-yo dieting, no more deceptions and no more panicking – just a program that will help you achieve your fitness goals step by step.

If you are ready to join the revolution by signing up for CNY’s Biggest Weight Loss Challenge – or you would like additional information, go to:



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