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Coffee: Good or Bad?

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Coffee: Good or Bad?

Upon waking, we might find it hard for us to start our day. Most of our morning rituals or afternoon pick me ups involves a cup of coffee, but will this decision affect our overall health and nutrition? That of course depends on what you consider to be a regular cup of coffee. Coffee in moderation and without the added sugars and unhealthy fats, can be beneficial towards your health, ultimately providing you with anti-oxidants for your body’s maintenance. The caffeine can also give you that burst of needed energy as well as a fat burner.

Quality Beans

Not all coffee beans are the same! Many studies have shown that mycotoxins exist in some lower end coffee. What are these exactly? They are mold toxins, which can cause health issues within humans. It’s important to find great tasting beans that are handled with care. Upgraded coffee beans or even Arabica beans are recommended!

Stay Away from SUGAR

A healthy diet of course deals with whole foods and minimal liquid calories. Coffee can be the source of a very excessive amount of these calories. It is recommended to consume coffee black, or with natural sweeteners such as stevia and even a splash of Almond milk. It’s best for coffee to be very minimalistic, to avoid consumption of calories that can be comparable to an entire meal. The flavorings and added sugars in coffee based beverages is of course to create a more appealing taste, but is not worth those extra calories. Many of these beverages are loaded with sugars and fats, and although it may taste good, they should be avoided.


 Coffee is a go to beverage when feeling tired, and the reason for that, is the presence of caffeine. As coffee is known as a source of caffeine, it should be enjoyed in moderation. Although it can provide us with that little extra boost to get us going, it is still a stimulant and should not be abused. It does provide us with benefits such as improved brain function and increased metabolism, but only in recommended amounts.

Coffee does not have to be completely avoided, and is healthy in moderation. With this in mind, it’s important to stay aware of exactly how we are consuming it and how much. Avoiding the unneeded sugars and consuming in smaller amounts will help ensure that you remain on the right path for your health.

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