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Four Common Weight Loss Mistakes

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Four Common Weight Loss Mistakes

1 –  Ignoring weight lifting 

Weightlifting improves muscle size and shape and increases bone density and metabolism. Just be sure to give muscle groups 48-72 hours of recovery before training them again. 

2 –  Skipping a workout due to lack of energy

Workouts energize you in so many ways. For example, [each] workout lowers the number of free radicals in your body, which is responsible for creating oxidative stress. Oxidative stress is like rust on a car but in every cell of your body. Of course, free radicals are a normal part of your body’s chemistry, but excessive free radicals cause cellular damage to the power plants in your cells, the mitochondria. This damage can be mitigated by regular exercise.

I recommend implementing the three critical components of exercising: strength training, cardiovascular exercise, and N.E.A.T. (nonexercise active thermogenesis). This adds flexibility to your approach. 

3 –  Using your workouts as a free pass for overeating

A Harvard Medical School study revealed that a 125-pound person performing weight training for 30 minutes burns 90 calories and a 185-pound person up to 133 calories. A Dunkin Donut medium pumpkin swirl hot coffee with cream has 250 calories; a caramel swirl frozen with cream has 790 calories. Working out has massive health benefits, but it is not a free pass to overeating. Check out how many calories your exercise burns at https://www.health.harvard.edu/newsweek/Calories-burned-in-30-minutes-of-leisure-and-routine-activities.htm

 4 –  Don’t give up on your dreams, keep sleeping!

Sleep deprivation is directly correlated to chronic inflammation (a.k.a. the root of most modern diseases), insulin resistance, type-2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and the risk of obesity! Those who sleep less than six hours a day are 30% more likely to become obese! Another correlation between your appetite and a lack of sleep: “ghrelin” (the hunger hormone) and “leptin” (the hormone that tells your brain you are not hungry) are affected. Research shows that a lack of sleep increases ghrelin while decreasing leptin. Simply put, you will tend to eat more with a lack of sleep. 

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