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He has helped me get the life I deserve back!!

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He has helped me get the life I deserve back!!

I was lucky enough to meet Jack after I was selected to be a participant in a local weight loss challenge. I was an athlete all through high-school so I knew my competitive side would help me through the challenge. I also knew however that I needed help to keep going once the challenge was over. I was at my heaviest weight, and I really noticed it in recent photos, and was completely ashamed. I knew my eating habits and lack of exercise needed a complete turnaround. Jack has done just that, and is still helping to motivate me and keep me eating right.

I like so many other people, would get motivation and start working out and eating “better”, but within about a month or so that motivation along with the attempts to eat better disappeared. When Jack and I started working together he helped me look at the broad aspect of my goals and not put so much focus on the day to day or week to week. This was perfect for me, because that was always a huge factor in the loss of my drive. I am now eating 100% better, and look forward to my work outs and challenging myself. Jack even kept me motivated and moving when I was on crutches for a week, and that says a lot in my opinion!!

Jack’s time and effort are absolutely priceless! I have had such a boost in energy, self-confidence and more, and it is all thanks to that time and effort and the knowledge he has shared with me. I am seeing results that I am very satisfied with and it continues to keep me going and pushing forward to lose more weight, and become healthier. I truly cannot express my appreciation for him enough. He has helped me get the life I deserve back!!

Jessica Jones – Utica NY


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