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You can still enjoy the pleasures in life like going  out to eat , but you have to be ready to make SMARTER decisions. Living a healthy lifestyle can provide you with some of the best tasting foods out there!

Numerous studies have shown that drinking 1-2 glasses of water prior to eating your meal can curb your appetite so that you consume fewer calories because water gives your body a sense of fullness.

You might think that salad, chicken or soup would be okay, but restaurants have found a way to make even these options some of the worst choices on their menus by filling them up with hidden sugars, trans fats, industrial seed oils, unhealthy cooking tactics and more. Restaurants are notorious for adding ingredients to foods that make them more delicious, though not necessarily more nutritious.

If you’re somewhat physically active, you might wonder about pasta. I can tell you that most sauces are loaded with unhealthy fats, and most pasta is highly processed, losing its valuable nutritional properties! You should avoid any breads, breaded items, mashed potatoes, pasta and loaded rice that accompany most meals because your body easily stores these refined carbohydrates as fat. Remember that sweet potatoes and red potatoes are a great substitute for any white potato option. Substitute a side of fries or battered onion rings for a house salad or mixed vegetables. Furthermore, request your dressing on the side so that YOU can control how much is added to your food. Try dunking your fork in the dressing to coat it with sauce before picking up any veggies in your salad. You can also skip the dressing entirely and just squeeze a lemon over your food to reduce your fat calories.

Most people start off their meal with an appetizer, but you should actually skip appetizers altogether. Choose as many veggies as you can and complement them with a small amount of lean protein such as chicken, turkey, beans or a small amount of nuts. Look for soups that have beans, low sodium broth, lean meats, brown rice and, of course, veggies! Dessert is a very tricky part of eating out. If you must have a dessert, get fresh fruit.

Most restaurants’ portions are enough for two, so remember to pay attention to your portion control! You can save on calories and money when you split your plate of food with someone you’re dining with or just as good, take half of it home in a doggie bag. Make it a point to pause when you’re halfway through your meal to sit back and ask yourself if you’re still hungry.

Dining out is not just about great tasting food,  the most important suggestion is that you enjoy the company!

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