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I couldn't be happier and I wanted to thank you for my life transformation

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I couldn't be happier and I wanted to thank you for my life transformation

A short time ago a seasoned athlete approached me with interest in a lifestyle modification via nutrition and exercise. Dan chose to take part in my new “One-Time Consultation” package. This package includes a one hour plus meeting. Prior to the meeting, I took information gathered via medical questionnaire to create an individualized program shaped around his specific lifestyle. During the meeting I introduced him to the new program and discuss the lengthy 12 page report in depth.

His main goal was he to get an idea of how to eat healthier, but in a way that was enjoyable, rather than feeling as if he was forcing down food. Additionally, he wanted to look and feel healthier. Today, he sent me an update on his progress via email.

“Hey Jack! I wanted to check in with you and let you know how my results are going. I have attached a before and after picture. I couldn’t be happier and I wanted to thank you for my life transformation. I am much more lean and vascular without losing size. I have seen a big increase in leg size and I for once in my life enjoy eating healthy. Thanks again Dan” 

I applaud Dan in his efforts towards a total lifestyle change. I can’t stress enough the changes Dan made in just over month by sticking to this balanced nutrition program. Not only does he look great, but he also feels fantastic and the fact he now enjoys eating healthy is only a bonus! I truly am humbled and am thrilled to help make such an impact in peoples lives each day.


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