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Positioning Fat Loss


Positioning fat loss is the ability to increase your metabolism to a point where you are constantly burning fat. Unfortunately, it’s not a process that happens overnight – it’s something that you have to stick to for a while in order to see real results.


A way that you can look at your fat loss is to think of glycogen storage in your muscles and liver as “energy banks.” As long as you have these energy banks, your brain will not need to take out a loan from your fat cells. So, if you can lower the amount of stored energy in these energy banks, you can burn more fat cells. How do you do this? Well, by incorporating all the wellness tips you are learning collectively, which will help this to happen easier and more naturally.


* Glycogen storage: Stored energy in your muscles and liver, roughly 75% water 25% carbohydrates.


To make a huge dent in these energy banks, you can exercise and lower your total amount of calories that you ingest during the day. When you do this, you are lowering the amount of stored energy in these banks, which allows fat to be used as energy. However, make sure that it’s strategic and NOT to a point where you are starving yourself.


The body follows the path of least resistance, so it will first burn through the calories that you ingest, then to the stored energy banks in your liver and muscles. The energy pulled from your liver is meant to stabilize your blood-sugar level, and the energy pulled from your muscles is used to fuel activity. Once these banks are depleted of their carbohydrate reserves, your body will then break down body fat for energy. The system works more efficiently when you eat healthy foods because your body does not have to spend any energy detoxifying the food that you ingest, and it will be provided with the nutrients that it needs in order to increase your metabolism.



When you eat smaller meals (we recommend 4-6 small, unprocessed, healthy meals each day), they will be burned off quickly so that your body can easily dip into your fat stores, which allows you to use more of your fat-burning hormones like glucagon. This is just one hormone signaling the release of stored fat cells to be used as energy, which increases your available energy and decreases your hunger!


When you start utilizing more fat as energy, you might initially become hungry, fatigued, moody, have low blood sugar and or experience a slight headache. The amount and intensity of these temporary side effects depends largely on how many toxins are stored in your fat cells from the food that was turned into the fat originally. Either way, your body will adapt within a few days, and then you will feel better than ever!

*Many people tend to eat perfectly for 3 to 5 days, but fall off the edge on the weekends – this will put you back to square one. You MUST know that eating clean for an extended period of time will give you accelerated results.


Remember, anything that you ingest will have to be digested and absorbed by your body. This means ANY food you consume, whether a whole meal or just a nibble, counts toward your total daily calories. Even chewing “sugar-free” gums, which contain horrible artificial sweeteners, will cause your body to secrete insulin. This means your body will NOT be secreting your fat-burning hormones, like glucagon. No glucagon = no fat loss! So, ANYTHING you put in your mouth has to be utilized. Therefore, it’s extremely important that you never eat anything in between meals. A nibble here and there DOES make a difference when it comes to fat loss. Let your body become used to using its own fat for energy and you will be on your way to major results!

*The Rant: Timing does matter when it comes to burning strictly fat – fighting the urge to eat in between meals will supercharge your fat loss.

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