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Revolutionary Weight-Loss Challenge

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Revolutionary Weight-Loss Challenge

So many have attempted weight loss programs expecting to lose body fat, be slim and slender and love what they see when they look in a mirror. Many of those programs are quick fixes in the goal of weight loss and nearly all are temporary! But there is good news – the once thought to be impossible task is now achievable with the aid of my Weight-Loss Challenge, beginning in January 2014.

While other programs available bring results that many find temporarily satisfying, my program brings a dynamic approach to weight loss that can be followed for years, allowing permanent results. The Colorado State University Extension found that many fad diets have a low success rate. Only 5% of the participants in these diets lost weight and kept it off at the end of a two-year follow-up.

My program differs in that it employs high-end technology in the form of video, personal meal plans & workouts which are accessed via computer or smartphone app. Instructions, tips and an optional live lecture platform make this program even more unique. As an individual with passion, specialization and a lifetime of knowledge in weight loss, I will be guiding you through the eight-week program in a motivating but non-threatening manner.

To start, everyone in the program will be given my unique nutrition plan, designed to elevate your metabolism. It is easy to follow, but beneficial, and can be adjusted to personal preferences, but within certain parameters. Because everyone is different, a customized meal plan will be developed for your goals, nutritional needs and lifestyle, giving everyone the opportunity for lifelong success.

The optional live lectures bring an on-site, personal involvement for participants. Additionally, should the participant be unable to attend a particular lecture, they, exclusively, may stream it online.  A plethora of short videos will be available at specific intervals, ensuring motivation and “outside the box” information to synergistically increase weight loss. Physical fitness will be incorporated with the nutritional aspect of the program to maximize your potential and overall results throughout the challenge.

If your improved health, wellness and appearance aren’t incentive enough to join in the Challenge, read on. The winners, based upon percentage of body fat lost, will receive cash prizes – $1000 for First, $500 for Second and $250 for Third Place! Get   friends or co-workers to join with you and make the Challenge a team effort.

If you are ready to become a part of this exciting event – Central New York’s biggest Weight-Loss Challenge – or you desire additional information, go to: www.jackkunkel.com

There is no time to “waist”!


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