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Take Back Your Happiness!

Happiness is a mental or emotional state of well-being characterized by positive or pleasant emotions. 

When you reduce stress and increase happiness, you’ll feel better, have a more positive outlook on life, have more energy, and increase your willpower, all of which will help you lose unwanted fat. When I say “happiness,” I am referring to true happiness in general. Many people are “happy” in certain aspects of their lives, whether it’s financially, professionally, or something else. 

True happiness leads to fulfillment in finances, career, personal relationships, and more! Just think to yourself, don’t things seem to go better when you’re happy?

It has been shown that 60% of feeling happy is based on your personality, but the other 40% is completely modifiable from your personal thoughts and behaviors1. That’s great news because it means that you can make massive strides toward your well-being while increasing your happiness by changing the way you think and act!

Everyone has different criteria for happiness, so ignore the tips that don’t work for you, but daily embrace and apply the tips that resonate with you. That’s the only way to make a change in the amount of happiness you experience in your life.

Surround Yourself With Happiness

One of the best ways to create happiness is to surround yourself with happy and loving people! Nurturing and strengthening relationships with friends or family takes time and isn’t everyone’s strong point. Still, take a minute to be thankful for your life each day when you wake up and before you go to bed. 

I always emphasize being thankful for something new every day as this will truly create gratitude. It’s better to be aware of the simple parts of your life that you’re thankful for now and to express that gratitude now rather than putting it off until tragedy strikes and it’s too late to say everything that you’ve been holding in. So instead, be thankful for what you have each day starting now! Hey, maybe you could put the availability of salads nowadays on your list of things that you’re helpful for!

Performing random acts of kindness is the most dependable way of increasing your well-being since they are both easy and effective. Go out and volunteer for something or give blood at a drive if you’re eligible to. I can almost guarantee that you will get that warm feeling deep down. Cultivate optimism by working on seeing the positive aspects of your life. Know that what’s right about you personally always trumps what’s wrong! Thinking and speaking negatively will fill your body and mind with negative energy, so look to the people in your life that are filled with positive energy and find the inspiration in them to lead a more positive life. Laughter, misery, anxiety, fear, and other emotions are all contagious, so be sure that you’re surrounding yourself with people who keep a positive outlook on life.

Get a deeper understanding of your health! I employ innovative and custom-tailored approaches such as Muscle Testing, an analytical tool I use to determine exactly what’s going on in your body so I can better understand how to treat issues that can affect your happiness! For example, many chemical or environmental toxins, heavy metals, radiation, parasites, Lyme, mold and mycotoxins, bacteria, and viruses cause depression and anxiety! 

Your Perception Shapes Your World

Sometimes things in life don’t go as we hoped or planned, but your perception will shape how you respond. When the situations occur, take a step back to create awareness, then ask yourself, “Is there a different way that I can look at this?” and, “Is it really that bad of a situation?” 

Not only will this help you decipher the good, the bad, and the ugly, but it will also give you a minute to process exactly what is going on so that you can respond in a healthy and appropriate way. And who knows? Maybe, however, the situation turned out isn’t actually that big of a deal.

Do It For Yourself

Be sure to take time for yourself so that you can find your true purpose for everything you do and want to do in your life. Thinking critically about and clearly identifying what you want out of life will help you manifest true happiness. How do you want to be remembered? What excites you? What makes you proud? These are all great questions that you can ask yourself in order to feel that sense of fulfillment in your life that truly means something to you. 

As with everything, practice makes perfect! Your thoughts affect your behavior, and your behavior shapes your actions. Try hard every day and keep your thoughts positive.

By changing the way you think and act, you will be able to increase your happiness immensely, which will lead to an increase in willpower! Give this a try and come in and get tested!  To determine exactly what pathogens can be leading to your unhappiness. 


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