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The Obesity Epidemic: The Truth About Food Quality and Quantity

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The Obesity Epidemic: The Truth About Food Quality and Quantity

Obesity is a disease that is running rampant throughout America at an unbelievable rate. More than two-thirds of U.S. adults are overweight or obese, and it’s not difficult to see why. Fast-food restaurants are within walking distance in almost every corner of our country. 

The fast food industry is a money-making system, and it makes sense. We are a fast-paced society, and our time is valued. Running out of the door in the morning? It’s okay. You can pick up breakfast on the way! Fast food is made for consumer convenience, and it works! However, is convenience better than quality? The biggest problem is that “dining” has become a term of the past and replaced with “convenience food.” This convenience food is a low-quality, sometimes calorie, nutrient-deficient food all around us, tempting us with its superficial benefits: cheap, quick, and convenient. Most people don’t realize that quality food can also be convenient. Once we know how to feed our bodies properly, fast food will no longer be the easy option. 

Processed foods generally lack nutritional value because they are taken out of their natural state and grown in depleted soil with unnatural fertilizers, making them nutrient-deficient. A calorie is not just a calorie in your body. Food quality has been all but forgotten in place of food quantity. If you count your calories, you will lose weight whether or not you focus on quality. But eating processed foods over time will ultimately backfire! The same holds for eating quality food; once you start eating this way, you may not see the results for three months, but the results will last! 

Quality is not the whole issue, though. Quantity can also be a problem. Your metabolic rate typically falls within 500 calories from your calorie set point. Consuming 500 more calories per day will lead to a gain in body fat, but consuming 500 fewer calories daily will lead to a loss in body fat. Everyone is different, and many factors affect your metabolisms, such as age, muscle percentage, sleep quality, stress levels, medication, and the health of your gut bacteria. 

The truth behind the “Calories In, Calories Out” rule is outdated but not worthless. Understanding what you put into your body is essential to fuel yourself. As humans, we do become what we eat. Eating quality foods naturally leads to eating less and maintaining a healthy weight. 

It’s fundamental to understand that obesity is not just a result of overeating or laziness. It’s a result of a society that needs more time and has tried to find the solution to our weight problems through convenient, easy, low-quality methods. We must focus on food quality and quantity to live healthy lives. Remember, we are what we eat!


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