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Why is food so confusing?

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Why is food so confusing?

It seems kind of like a silly trick question that has a really obvious answer, right? Take a second to pause and think about your answer to this question. Maybe even write it down somewhere, because, by the time you’re done reading this article, I guarantee you’ll have a different answer than you do now!

Although we have a basic understanding of what food is -a provider of vitamins, minerals, energy, and nutrients – the truth is, there’s way more to the story. Yes, food is energy, but did you know that a majority of the food we are currently eating is actually depleted of energy, vitamins, minerals, and beneficial microbes.

Now, I know what you’re thinking. This is obviously not a problem for you because you don’t buy garbage frozen or packaged food! You buy crisp green vegetables and fresh meat, and surely you don’t have to worry about depleted foods if you’re spending an arm and a leg on organic produce at Whole Foods, right? Unfortunately, that’s not the case; even organic foods are typically grown in soil that is depleted!

So, if the almighty Whole Foods can’t save you, who can? How would you ever know if the food you’re eating is actually benefiting your body or know how to determine whether you have any vitamin or nutrient deficiencies? It’s simple, why guess when you could just come see us at Jack Kunkel’s Alternative Medicine.

What Can We Do for You at Jack Kunkel’s Alternative Medicine?

At Jack Kunkel’s Alternative Medicine, we provide you with state-of-the-art testing and our specific analyses to determine underlying deficiencies or imbalances. For example, your thyroid can have a deficiency in several different fatty acids, calcium, minerals, selenium, iodine, and plant phytonutrients, but you would never know that because your doctor or specialist simply does not test for it.

Furthermore, we can work together to quickly reverse your imbalances and deficiencies by providing you with truly organic whole food products from an American 623-acre farm where all plants are grown in a soil that is 100% free of pesticides and no chemicals are ever used. Ph.D.’s check the soil before the seeds are sown to ensure of the fertility of the soil is optimal and even the weeding is done by hand!

Another weapon in our arsenal here at Jack Kunkel’s Alternative Medicine is Carbon Technology, a brand-new and insanely effective detoxification method to clear your body of harmful toxins. Traditional detox binders can sometimes do more harm than good and are generally weak because they do not work everywhere in the body; they only work in the intestines. That’s why Carbon Technology blows traditional detoxification methods out of the water by offering cellular, digestive tract, and tissue binding all in one capsule. What makes Carbon Technology especially impressive is its ability to travel to the organs and cells to target chemical toxins, environmental toxins, heavy metals, radiation, retroviruses, and viruses.

Food can be our greatest ally or worst enemy when it comes to overall wellbeing and fat loss; too often, people who are trying to lose fat will demonize food and harm their relationship with it, but this strategy is always unsustainable and highly ineffective. At Jack Kunkel’s Alternative Medicine, we aim to help you understand how to make better food-related choices to optimize your health and teach you how to use food to assist you in your fat loss journey. If you want to know how to eat well and lose fat, then keep reading!

You Call that Food?

To answer our first question, ‘What is Food’, we go back in time over 100 years. On March 1, 1905, Albert Einstein proved that everything, including every cell and every atom in your body, and all the food you eat, is made up of energy. Through relativity theory, E=mc2, he proved that atoms are made up of 99.99999% energy and only 00.00001% physical substance. This is why choosing quality foods that provide you with actual energy will increase your health and metabolism in the long run.

Let’s put this abstract theory into practice. If you’ve ever gotten a scrape and watched it slowly heal, or patiently grown out a terrible haircut, then you’ve experienced Einstein’s relativity theory for yourself. Research from Stanford’s Institute for Stem Cell Biology and Regenerative Medicine explains, “[e]very one of us completely regenerates our own skin every 7 days. A cut heals itself and disappears in a week or two. Every single cell in our skeleton is replaced every 7 years.

What gives your body the energy and nutrients to do this? Food.

Your body breaks down every piece of food that you eat and turns it into a part of you! If you eat something alive, like a salad, it’s a “live food,” which creates health and life from within, increasing your metabolism and accelerating fat loss. What happens if you eat a processed “food-like product” like a bag of chips? Well, it’s lifeless because of its poor quality, old age, and exposure to heat and oxygen! It is nothing but dead weight because it’s devoid of any living energy and nutrients.

Food-like products are often processed to a point where many experts believe that they technically shouldn’t be classified as food anymore. They are often really old and/or altered foods with poor quality that causes your healthy metabolism to downgrade at a rapid rate which makes it so much harder to recover and repair your metabolism, but it’s definitely still possible if you follow the first rule of nutrition: avoid the bad food-like products crammed onto the store shelves!

As if that wasn’t bad enough, these food-like products could have been genetically modified organisms (GMOs), created in laboratories and deemed safe to consume by food ‘experts’ despite extensive research showing that GMO foods post a serious health risk. How serious of a health risk? Well, currently, 39 countries classify GMOs as illegal – The United States is not one of them. The best strategy here is to stay away from GMO foods while eating whole unprocessed foods.

Food Stories:

Like every human, every food has a story to tell.

Imagine being a cow in a factory farm with thousands of others, crammed into a tiny space, never seeing the light of day, fed the incorrect types of food like genetically modified corn and processed soy (both cause inflammation), pumped with hormones to accelerate growth, and provided drinking water that is polluted with antibiotics that harm your gut microbiome. What type of information is that cow passing along to your genes?

As humans, if we were put into these same conditions, we would become extremely weak and ill, precisely what is happening to these animals that we are consuming. What we eat becomes us, so choosing a robust and healthy source of food will only benefit your body by providing it good energy and information. Think of eating as “downloading.”

The older the food, the fewer nutrients it has intact, so a very important guideline to follow is to always ask yourself how old the food is, regardless of whether it’s fresh or frozen. Even though we tend to see frozen foods as ‘worse’ than unfrozen, this is not always the case; sometimes frozen food can be flash-frozen immediately when it’s ready to be harvested which means some frozen foods can actually be “fresher” than fresh food in some ways. Another distinction to make is between ‘real’ and ‘fresh’ food. Real food comes from Mother Nature, which provides you with all the energy and nutrients your body needs to sustain health, so nothing that is manmade or artificial. Fresh food is food that is not preserved, tampered with, dehydrated, frozen, or smoked. All this boils down to the fact that the best foods tend to be the ones that are fresh and locally grown and haven’t needed weeks of transport between harvesting and consumption.

So, What is Food then, And How Can You Ensure You’re Getting All The Energy You Need to Lose Fat for Good?

Go back to that mental note or piece of paper where you wrote down your initial answer; can you begin to paint a more colorful picture of what food truly is now and what it means to your overall health?

It’s no secret that good food is the key to good health, and nothing I’ve said in this article is terribly shocking information, but it’s up to you to be able to make better and more informed choices regarding what you put in your body to give it the best quality of energy it can possibly get.

At Jack Kunkel’s Alternative Medicine, we provide you with the tools you’ll need to be able to integrate vital information and effective fat loss strategies into your daily routine, develop sustainable and healthy eating habits, and provide support during your entire fat loss journey.

Instead of guessing at which nutrient deficiencies or underlying toxicities are harming your body and holding you back from your fat loss goals, leverage our decades of experience and expertise helping people attain their goals! Our cutting-edge testing procedures will go much deeper than any medical practitioner to determine the root causes of your health issues and provide you with a bigger and truer picture of your overall health.

Call us or visit us online to schedule your free consultation today because the more you know, the more you can do to ensure this crucial element of your health -your food- is working for you, not against you!



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